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Glass products

Glass Block

glass block, glass brick, glass block shower, glass wall, mulia

  • Glass block building material for construction of shower walls, partitions, windows, kitchen and bar areas.

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Glass Block Windows

glass block, glass brick, glass windows, glass block window

  • Prefabricated Vinyl or Aluminum framed Glass block windows. Hand made and customized to your satisfaction!

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Glass Floor Systems

glass floor, glass walk, glass floor systems, glass paver

Glass walk floor systems in ready to install custom structural glass or structural grid system available in 6" & 8" Pavers.

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Wedi Shower System


An efficient and reliable shower system guaranteed to change the way you remodel you bathroom.

  • Economical: Wedi is installed much quicker than previous and outdated methods of installation which saves cost in labor and speeds completion time. 
  • Lightweight: Wedi is composed of polystyrene foam and is easy to handle, cut and install. Great for upstairs or multilevel bathrooms. 
  • Mold and Mildew proof: Wedi is made of inorganic foam material thus leaving it mold and mildew free.
  • Waterproof: Unlike other shower pan products Wedi is 100% waterproof, guaranteed!

wedi, wedi shower, wedi fundo, wedi system, foam shower, foam system, water proof

The answer to all mold, mildew and leaking showers!

  • Complete: Wedi offers every accessory wanted in a shower such as ramps, niches, corner seats etc. 
  • Green: Wedi material is great for Insulating, is non-hazardous, non-polluting, ozone friendly and can be recycled. 
  • Structurally Sound: The Wedi Shower System does not fail or decay over time. It will last a lifetime.

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